We live in a global age – a world of instant communication and rapid transportation.
A world in which we can reach our desired destination in less than a day’s travel by flight. The Internet and mobile communication devices allow us to instantly exchange and provide valuable information and services. These facts are changing the perception of people worldwide.

One of the most exciting results of globalization is the development of accessible international medical services. More and more people choose to travel to different locations for medical diagnostics and treatments in order to optimize their medical care and improve their quality of life. Accessing international medical services have the benefits of:

  • Reduced waiting times
  • Ensured personalized and professional medical care
  • Reduced cost of private medical services

In 2014 alone, more than 52,000 Canadians traveled abroad to receive a verity of elective medical treatments and consultations (scheduled and non-emergency). One explanation for this trend is the long waiting times for surgical and other therapeutic treatments in Canada’s health care system, which comes to an average of 9.8 weeks (“Fraser Institute” study, 2015). It is reasonable that many Canadians are looking for better alternatives to medical services and prefer to travel abroad to promptly improve their quality of life and avoid the long waiting times.

OSTMED Canada, is a medical tourism facilitation company with well established roots within the Israeli medical system. We invite patients from Canada to receive professional and personalized medical care in Israel!

Israel is ranked 3rd in Bloomberg’s Most Efficient Health Care Report (2015), and is one of the top world leaders in medical services, much above other developed countries such as the United States (ranked 50th) and Canada (ranked 24th). Israel is known for its world-renowned medical institutions, high-quality health care system, and the development of novel and cutting-edge medical technologies. The fact that Israel has one of the world’s highest life expectancies is an undeniable testament to the success of its innovative and progressive medicine.

The cost of treatment in Israel for foreign patients is considerably lower compared to leading medical centers in the US, thus the quality of treatment is comparable and even higher.

Availability of convenient direct flights from Canada, the widespread knowledge of English, a high level of comfort for tourists, a warm climate, and beautiful three seas are additional factors and perks, which make Israel even more appealing for patients from Canada.

OSTMED fully collaborates with leading Canadian family physicians. We facilitate the ongoing contact with medical care providers in Canada before, during, and after the treatment of Canadian patients in Israel, thus providing the critically necessary continuity of care.